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    About School of Highway


    School of Highway at Chang’an University was established in 1958, aiming at cultivating specialized transportation engineers through its undergraduate and graduate programs. It is under the administration of Ministry of the Education of People’s Republic of China. With the growth of infrastructure construction in China, School of Highway has been expanded to a large-scale college with comprehensive academic subjects in the infrastructure and transportation, from its original two-major program, and granted to "211 Project" and "985 Innovative Platform for Priority Discipline" in China. School of Highway has six research institutes, seven academic departments, and four laboratory centers.



    Currently, School of Highway has been authorized to offer 11 master degrees programs and 11 doctoral programs, as well as two post-doc research stations for transportation engineering and civil engineering. There are 222 full-time faculty members and 40 staffs, including one "Cheung Kong Scholars" distinguished professor, one "Cheung Kong Scholar" visiting professor, one "Sanqin Scholar" distinguished professor, 80 professors, and 95 associate professors.


    School of Highway owns a couple of state-of-art research facilities, including the Key Laboratory for Special Area Highway Engineering of Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory for Roadway Structure and Materials of Ministry of Transport, Key Laboratory of Bridge Detection and Reinforcement Technology for Ministry of Transport, National Research Center of Large- Scale Highway Structures’ Safety of the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center for Large Highway Structure Safety of Ministry of Education, Civil Engineering Teaching Demonstration Center for Higher Education of Shaanxi Province and the Key Laboratory for Roadway, Bridge and Tunnel in Shaanxi Province. These advanced laboratory facilities and testing equipment provide a solid foundation to conduct researches of leading technologies in civil and transportation engineering and to provide technical consulting guidance and services for industries, such as transportation planning, survey, design, and construction and etc.


    In the last five years, the college has been awarded 150 national-level, province-level and ministry-level science and technology prizes including 9 Nation’s Science Progress Awards, which is the highest Chinese national science and technology award, through over 100 national research projects. In the last ten years, faculty members within the college published around 3600 technical papers and 170 textbooks and technical works. The annual research funding of the college is around 130 million Yuan.


    The college has been developing international cooperation and communication with oversea universities and research institutes in more than 30 countries and regions, e.g. United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Brazil. The academic communication activities includes visiting scholars, collaborative research, conference, invited lectures, joint supervision of graduate students, establishment of joint research centers, etc. These activities improves the teaching and research skills, methodology and technology of the School of Highway to a more advanced levels, and also promote the global reputation of the college in the areas of transportation and infrastructure research and technology.


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